Yenimel is a pharmacist, mother of two girls, and when she met Emma as their teacher and saw how her daughters became more and more interested in reading, she understood how important it is to install these habits from a very early age, so that children can open their minds and get to know through books a world beyond what their eyes can see.

Emma went in August 2018 to the Dominican Republic to teach English in a primary school in Mao. When she wanted to give her colleague a picture book for her birthday, she couldn't find one anywhere. Later she had many conversations with parents and teachers about education. This got her thinking. Once back in Belgium she found more people to help with the project.


Leidy is the enthusiastic president of the socio-cultural association Latinacion that unites people from Latin America and shares Latin American culture in Belgium with anyone who is interested.

Janne stayed a few months in the Dominican Republic in 2018 to do research for her master thesis on beneficial soil microbes. That is where she met Emma, who made her realize what an art it is to teach children how to read. Janne loves reading and is a big fan of the concept of a library. Everyone should have access to books!